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Really Bad Karma...

Sending huge amounts of email to folks at Adaptec who have NO control or NO
influence over what gets supported and what doesn't get support is
really bad Karma. In fact it can create a backlash that could affect future 
support of BSD variants and other "open" operating systems. So please do not
send broadcast (e.g. spam) messages.

Now for a bit of education for those who may not be familiar what it means
to "add" support for another operating system. First, there is only a finite

amount of resources, and in this case it has largely been myself trying to 
handle multiple operating systems and multiple distributions of operating 
systems and in most cases I am doing this above and beyond my real job. 
Second, no matter how good an operating system the ultimate reason for 
supporting it generally ends up being a matter of economics. For example
in 1998, Windows NT and Netware account for 55% of the market share of
shipments of network operating systems while the combined Unix Server Market
(excluding Linux) was about 17.5% (Linux accounted for about 17.2% of the
in 1998). Given scarce resources were would you invest your resources.

The good news is that Adaptec does support the concept of open development
has worked fairly well with the Linux community and the FreeBSD community
is expanding to support other operating systems but it takes time and effort
which are very valuable commodities.


P.S. BTW, has anybody looked at the FreeBSD or Linux code which supports