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IPNAT problem (localnetwork to internet through OpenBSD)

hi all

I am new to OpenBSD and am currently trying to use 2.5 (on an i386 with one 
network card) as NAT for my local machine (

The default gateway( mask of my local machine is equal to 
the network card ip(interface vr0) of my OpenBSD machine (a perm one I got 
from my isp, lets call it "ip.of.openbsd.card").

I also have tried ipalias for the vr0 interface:, but it doesnt 
seem to have any effect if i use that as default gateway for my local 

Problem: I cant ping anything from my local machine. On the OpenBSD box I 
get this error:
"arplookup: unable to enter address for"

The "ipmon -o N" gives an output something like:
14/09/1999 20:56:31.176600 @1 NAT:MAP,1057 <- -> 
ip.of.openbsd.card,40035 [default route ip of my vr0]

The NAT rules are
map vr0 192.1.0/24 -> ip.of.openbsd.card/32 portmap tcp/udp 4000:65000
map vr0 192.1.0/24 -> ip.of.openbsd.card/32

The ipfilter rules are  (for testing only):
pass in from any to any
pass out from any to any

The kernel is compiled with GATEWAY and the sysctl setting of ipforwarding 
is 1.

The "route show" on OpenBSD box shows the default gateway to be the gateway 
i got from my ISP, i.e. I can ping and see the world from my OpenBSD box.

I am stuck, and I would appreciate any suggestions for help. I searched the 
archives for arplookup and didnt find anything. I hope you guys can help me.


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