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Re: eating your own dogfood

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Bob Beck wrote:

> >--- "James J. Lippard" <lippard@discord.org> wrote:
> >> www.openbsd.org claims to be "Powered by OpenBSD."  If it's on a machine
> >> running Solaris, that's false.
> >
>     www.openbsd.org is openbsd.sunsite.ualberta.ca - a portion of the
> University of Alberta Sunsite dedicated to supporting OpenBSD. When
> Sun gives you that many toys with a dedicated purpose of supporting
> free software, you run Solaris. We also mirror other things which have
> [Powered by XXX] splattered all over them too. I presume you'd have us
> shut all those down too? I'll certainly mirror web content, but I'm not
> going to spend time editing pages for retarded shit like that.

It seems to me that the owner of the content is responsible for its
accuracy, not the mirror hosting site.

>      And besides, it is powered by OpenBSD. We wouldn't have time to
> deal with all stuff Sun gives us (like free hardware and
> rpc.ttdbserverd) if we didn't have OpenBSD to protect it and run
> important stuff on :)

I suppose that interpretation of "powered by OpenBSD" is plausible, in a
marketing-speak kind of way.  I don't think I'd buy that kind of reasoning
from Microsoft, though, say, as a defense for running Unix and qmail on
their Hotmail service rather than their own products.

But I don't consider it a major issue and won't belabor the point further.

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