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Re: eating your own dogfood

>--- "James J. Lippard" <lippard@discord.org> wrote:
>> www.openbsd.org claims to be "Powered by OpenBSD."  If it's on a machine
>> running Solaris, that's false.

    www.openbsd.org is openbsd.sunsite.ualberta.ca - a portion of the
University of Alberta Sunsite dedicated to supporting OpenBSD. When
Sun gives you that many toys with a dedicated purpose of supporting
free software, you run Solaris. We also mirror other things which have
[Powered by XXX] splattered all over them too. I presume you'd have us
shut all those down too? I'll certainly mirror web content, but I'm not
going to spend time editing pages for retarded shit like that.

     And besides, it is powered by OpenBSD. We wouldn't have time to
deal with all stuff Sun gives us (like free hardware and
rpc.ttdbserverd) if we didn't have OpenBSD to protect it and run
important stuff on :)