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Sparc: xlock and keyboard

Hi all!

I ran xlock on a Sun ELC running OpenBSD 2.5 the other day and was
rather surprised to find it stop working (i.e. no xlock anymore, access to
my x-session without having to enter a password!) after a few minutes with
the following message in xconsole:

Access control list restored.
xlock: caught signal 11 while running goop mode (uid 0).

This is probably a configuration issue, but I did not find anything on
this topic (at least I did not understand what I found). I was logged in
as root.

Another question concerning the keyboard. My ELC has a german keyboard and
most keys work fine but not the key with "<", ">" and "|" on it. Is there
a way to get this key working (it is rather neccessary as you all know).



PS: I tried to compile the idea code out of Bruce Schneier's "Applied
Crypto" (gcc -shared -fPIC -O2 -o idea idea.c) and got the error message:
"ld: No reference to __DYNAMIC". Any ideas how to get rid of this one?

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