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Re: increasing partition size...

In message <Pine.GSO.4.10.9909132109290.25041-100000@soso.eecs.umich.edu>,
	Nathan Binkert writes:
>Is it possible to increase the size of an ffs partition without having to
>newfs it and lose all of the data?

No, it is not possible.

>I recently got an IBM 37.5G drive, but my BIOS won't boot with a drive
>larger than 33.8GB.  There is a jumper on the drive to downgrade the size
>of the disk to 33.8.  Could I just install this now, format one big
>partition of 33.8 and then when I get the BIOS update (which doesn't exist
>yet) and increase the size of that partition to the full 37.5?

Just tell the BIOS it's 33.8 and then change the geometry to 'disk' ('g d'
while in disklabel -E) when you run disklabel.  OpenBSD doesn't use the BIOS
for anything other than loading the bootblocks and kernel, so it's not a real
big deal: just make sure the / partition is within the BIOS addressable area.

It will probably work fine.

The PC BIOS will always be limited in some way or another, we used to do the
same thing before LBA was common.

Jason Downs

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