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Re: CD Burners

>I'm going to be burning cd-images of a stripped down OpenBSD that I'm using for
>several different projects.  I'm looking for suggestions of particular models
>of cd-burners that people have had success with recording on OpenBSD.  Second
>part of the question is the procedure for burning.  I saw some reference to
>mkhybrid in the earlier discussion a few months ago, I assume this takes the
>directory structure and produces a iso or somesuch image which can then be 
>burned with cdrecord to produce a bootable CD.  Am I correct in this?  Any
>hints or suggestions to make this as painless as possible.  Thanks!

       <Big Caveat for what's below, YMMV, use at own risk> 

       I've never bothered, mainly, because I don't do this with a
conventional CD install package - I don't need the overhead of
packageizing and tar. I want quick and dirty. What I do usually works
something like this: 

	  1) Build and strip down your system to what you want. 

	  2) for each filesystem, Get a level 0 dump and put it somewhere
	  appropriate: i.e. (assuming we have 3 partitions on wd0). 

	  dump 0f - /dev/rwd0a | ssh myhost "gzip -c > /some/where/wd0a.dump.gz"
	  dump 0f - /dev/rwd0g | ssh myhost "gzip -c > /some/where/wd0g.dump.gz"
	  dump 0f - /dev/rwd0h | ssh myhost "gzip -c > /some/where/wd0h.dump.gz"
	  3) I then usually make myself a "cloneit" script that I can
	  use from the default install floppy after booting and
	  partitioning my drives. Here's one example, which assumes
	  we're cloning onto a similarly partitioned wd0 disk, and
	  using ftp to get the files. (presuming you are on private net),
	  otherwise toss the script and dumpballs onto cd in and modify 


# boot from install floppy, partition disks, and allow them
# to be mounted in the right places. Once install proceedure asks
# for root password, hit control-C. (i.e. don't install any sets)
# then use ftp to get me from myhost.wherever.org by ftp
# Note: you shouldn't use me over insecure networks
# since ftp isn't secure. 

# this assumes a 3 filesystem system with /, /usr, and /var modify
# to suit your needs.

# you need this to run restore when booted from the install floppy. ick.
cp -Rp /tmp /mnt/var/tmp
rm -rf /tmp
ln -s /mnt/var/tmp /tmp

cd /mnt/usr
ftp -o - ftp://myhost.wherever.org/some/where/wd0d.dump.gz | gunzip -c | restore -rf -
rm restoresymtable
cd /mnt/var
ftp -o - ftp://myhost.wherever.org/some/where/wd0e.dump.gz | gunzip -c | restore -rf -
rm restoresymtable
cd /mnt
ftp -o - ftp://myhost.wherever.org/some/where/wd0a.dump.gz | gunzip -c | restore -rf -
rm restoresymtable
cd /usr/mdec
./installboot /mnt/boot biosboot /dev/rwd0c

	  Remember that if you are *not* using the same type of disk
	  (i.e. cloning from wd0 to sd0 or the like) you will want
	  to either modify the script and/or remove the installboot and
	  insert a reminder to yourself to edit the fstab and do an
	  installboot to the right place.