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CD Burners

Ok, before I even start, to try and avoid the inevitable 'Buy a CD' backlash:

I buy LOTS of cd's, i've got 3 copies of 2.5 sitting on the desk right here in
front of me.  All bought from Austin, or indirectly through a vendor.  Sooo...
don't bring that up because thats not an issue here

Now, here's the question

I'm going to be burning cd-images of a stripped down OpenBSD that I'm using for
several different projects.  I'm looking for suggestions of particular models
of cd-burners that people have had success with recording on OpenBSD.  Second
part of the question is the procedure for burning.  I saw some reference to
mkhybrid in the earlier discussion a few months ago, I assume this takes the
directory structure and produces a iso or somesuch image which can then be 
burned with cdrecord to produce a bootable CD.  Am I correct in this?  Any
hints or suggestions to make this as painless as possible.  Thanks!