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Re: rcp problems

Stephen Martin wrote:

> Hello,
> I have added a second ethernet card to a server, since adding this card
> rcp now fails with
>                     'Host address mismatch'
> I have tried adding the new IP# of the 2nd card to my source machine's
> /root/.rhosts and /etc/hosts.equiv with no effect.
> I can 'push' files with rcp from the source server (1 card)
> but I cannot 'pull' from the source server into the target server ( 2
> cards).
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Stephen

//this happens because of routing.  outgoing packets from the server are
equally leaving both of the interfaces, and you need to have everything
set up correctly.  you need to make sure your dns is unique for both
server addresses, and in you clientside .rhosts.  the other way to do this
is to set a route on the server to route all packets out on a specific
address, but this may cause trouble.  my expierience points to this, if a
packet comes in on an interface, the response will go out that interface,
but if a new connection is to be made, then you need a route to define
which interface originates that packet.

you may want to consider using ssh/scp rather than rcp, as it does tighter
host address checking, and you get encryption thrown in with the deal.