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(about to be) new to OpenBSD

Hello all misc-subscribers. If I might ask a question:
is the OpenBSD install layout very similar or similar to
installing FreeBSD? (last usage/use of FreeBSD was 3.2 install 
with the two-diks then FTP)
I've used different linux versions for the past two years
then decided to try freebsd, and now having read about OpenBSD
and the security aspects of it have downloaded the 2.5 release
for a trial run and am wondering if my limited experience with
installing FreeBSD will allow familiarity with installing Open-
BSD, or if the two seperate installs are unlike each other
in specific ways.(aside from the differences outlined in
the manuals and install notes)
If anyone decides to respond please feel free to be as technical 
as you like in the differences of the install process(es).