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Re: Re: Benefits of OpenBSD

I read your mail and Iīm interested in this topic:

> could use that money for something else!  OpenBSD is clearly 
> secure than NT (can anyone point me to the possible backdoor 
MS might 
> have left in SP5?!? I read something about it, but lost the 

I believe that MS use of backdoors is a regular "operation" 
for them... they have A LOT of undocumented info (itīs not 
like OBSD or UN*X operating systems: most better designed) and 
I donīt really know if that is owed to the loss of care in 
designing of implementations.

About SP5.0 I would like to get more information on such a 
backdoor, so if anybody knows where to look for Iīll 
appreciate any tips.

Thank you all!

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