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Re: Thanks for responses

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Neurowiz wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Victor Richardson wrote:
> > way. Ease of use does not directly translate to knowledge. Can anyone
> > recommend a few good Unix books to start with?
> Hrm. I'm hardly an expert, but I've had great luck with the "Unix
> Unleashed - System Administrators Edition" (Sams Publishing, ISBN:
> 0-672-30952-1) It's fairly *nix neutral and covers alot. Still hasn't
> helped me to decipher sendmail but that's another story.. <chuckle>
> Also, the O'Reilly books are HUGE helps in some of the specific tools
> like the aforementioned sendmail and vi or emacs. There's some specific
> BSD books listed on the openbsd.org site, as well.
> > I read thruough the installation manual and was a little confused by the
> > disk partition section. Is the "log25.txt" an example of the installtion
> > process when you use the distribution CD and boot disk? Since I used
> > fdisk for both Linux distros, is the partitioning process similar to
> > what I have already done? In Linux it was Fdisk for partitions,  then
> > DiskDruid for mounts. Is Disklabel similar to DiskDruid?
> Again, I'm hardly an expert, but I went through the FAQ, the installation
> notes on the CD and the example setup text file. I wrote out on paper what
> I thought my partitions should be set up as. The partitioning process is
> NOT similar to anything Linux has. Doing the disklabels means doing your
> homework, at least it was for me. I did find out that you can use megabyte
> sizes for your partitions, however, which made it easier.
> Just remember to refer to the Installation notes, and that your entire
> disk is represented by partition 'c' (ie., wd0 is your first disk, so your
> entire disk is represented by wd0c)
> I made sure to put my root on the first partition of the first disk, and
> just created other partitions for my mounts.
> Good luck!
> Regards,
> -----------------------------------------------
> Neurowiz	<neurowiz@neurowiz.com>
Try "Unix for the impatient" to get a quick fix. Is a nice book, which gives a
quick intro into Unix.
Abrahams and Larson are the authors, publisher is Addison Wesley.


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