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Thanks for responses

I want to thank Anton and Michael  for getting back to me so quickly,
you both confirmed my thoughts on how to approach the topic of OpenBSD
vs. NT or Novell. Cost will be first, a complete breakdown of server
plus licenses(not to mention Exchange + licenses) , then
security(imbedded crypto and no backdoors), finally ideaology approach.
And with so few users performance(not saying that OpenBSD isn't speedy)
is not an issue really, just cost, stability, and security + peace of
mind that comes with it. I hope you had a chance to check out the
migration cost article, it is going to come in handy.

As background, I recently took the common route to OpenBSD - Red Hat 6.0
to Madrake-Linux 6.0. Both have easy to use GUI's for installation, but
I am beginning to feel that I didn't really learn anything along the
way. Ease of use does not directly translate to knowledge. Can anyone
recommend a few good Unix books to start with?

I read thruough the installation manual and was a little confused by the
disk partition section. Is the "log25.txt" an example of the installtion
process when you use the distribution CD and boot disk? Since I used
fdisk for both Linux distros, is the partitioning process similar to
what I have already done? In Linux it was Fdisk for partitions,  then
DiskDruid for mounts. Is Disklabel similar to DiskDruid?

Thanks for any help