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Re: Downloading OpenBSD

On Sat, Sep 11, 1999 at 08:47:14AM -0400, Mark Jack wrote:
> Dear BSD:
> I was trying to download from a mirror ftp site the files necessary to
> install OpenBSD 2.5,  One of the readme files states that if you are
> burning this information to a cdrom then use the ISO9660 format.  The
> problem with doing that is the files are truncated to 8.3 format and the
> installation will not see any files but "bsh"; files such as
> comp25.tar.gz is truncated to comp25~1.gz?  I then tried to copy the
> files to the cd in a format called Joulet (not sure of spelling!) and it
> left the files in the unix format but the installation process would not
> read them.
> Is there a way to copy these files to a cd from a Windows based machine
> so I can install this operating system?

yes, create ISO9660 with Rock Ridge extensions, most windoze burning
programs support it (i think;-)

> Thank You in advance.
> Mark

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