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Re: Secure pop?

On 10 Sep 99, at 11:59, Aaron Jackson wrote:
> I'm in the processes of setting up a mail server (OpenBSD) for my office.
> After I showed the people in charge how easy it is to get passwords, they
> want to stay away from pop. However, they still want to use outlook express
> and netscape to read their email.  Is there a way to make popd communicate
> through a secure channel (or even imapd for that matter)?  I see some
> commercial products have this capability, but it is a much easier sell if
> the cost is low.  Thanks for any info.

Try setting up your pop clients and server to use APOP. It does not 
send passwords in the clear. I am using it with an exim server and 
pegasus clients. I think outlook can do APOP, but I'm not entirely 
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