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Re: Bridge

Tks a lot for bridge help.



"Jason L. Wright" wrote:

> awc <awc@dryden.lakeheadu.ca> writes:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > I do have dedicated internet connection through RAD-ASM20 modem and net
> > blazer router. I am wondering that I can add bridge between my router
> > and network. I cannot touch router. Either I have to get rid of up
> > stream router and replace with OpenBSD box or insert a bridge+ FW
> > inbetween. I am not sure How to connect Rad modem to a 10BaseT
> > connection.
> >
> It's not completely clear from your diagram that you need a bridge
> (as opposed to a router).  But assuming you need a bridge, you
> put two ethernet nics in the machine (call them xl0 and xl1), and
> then:
>         ifconfig xl0 up
>         ifconfig xl1 up
>         brconfig bridge0 add xl0 add xl0 up
> The bridge will learn which machines appear on which interface, though
> you may want to investigate the 'discover' and 'static' options of
> brconfig(8).
> You can also add IP filtering rules to xl0 and/or xl1 and perform your
> IP filtering in the bridge itself.
> --Jason Wright