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Re: bridge0 and routing problems

Jeff Bachtel <sebastion@irelandmail.com> writes:

>                 however ping from internet hosts to the ip of the NIC
> on the lanside occasionally doesn't work, as does a ping from the lan to
> the ip of the dslside NIC. Sometimes I can set both cards up to alias
> to the other ip, and things work fine for a while. Sometimes, things
> work fine for a while without the cards being aliased. The odd thing is
> that the setup can be working fine, and an hour later stop working, that
> is I'll be unable once again to ping the lanside NIC from the internet
> (which is the ip assigned to my DNS server, otherwise I probably
> wouldn't care that much).
Hmm... niklas committed some fixes a few weeks ago that should have
fixed most of this.  How -current are you?  More or less, it shouldn't
matter where you put the IP addresses.  Configurations I've seen had
all of the aliases on one interface or the other.

Can you use tcpdump to see if the ping's are being received by the
interface and by the bridge?  If they are, are the replies being
sent out mangled?

--Jason Wright