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Re: Deja vu (was Re: bandwidth measurement)

... and I thought I was just going crazy.

// Brad

>Just before you reply to any message you think you've seen before, have a
>look at the headers. We've got a bit of a mail loop going.
> --Louis  <louis@bertrandtech.on.ca> 
>Louis Bertrand       http://www.bertrandtech.on.ca/
>Bertrand Technical Services, Bowmanville, ON, Canada  
>OpenBSD: Secure by default.  http://www.openbsd.org/
>> mrtg is a fantastic tool for graphing bandwidth utilization, if the
>> stats can be gathered via snmp, someone has already hacked something to
>> do it, so you can probably get it almost "out of the box" with mrtg.  
>> i think there is mrtg in the ports, but since i am not close to my obsd
>> boxen, i'm not positive. 
>> > 
>> > Hello Everyone,
>> > 
>> > I am looking for recommendations for software that will allow
>> > me to find out what percent of my frame connection is being
>> > used for Intranet v/s Internet.
>> > 
>> > Any recommendations?  We are using Cisco routers for the frame.