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Re: Bridge

awc <awc@dryden.lakeheadu.ca> writes:
> Hi all!
> I do have dedicated internet connection through RAD-ASM20 modem and net
> blazer router. I am wondering that I can add bridge between my router
> and network. I cannot touch router. Either I have to get rid of up
> stream router and replace with OpenBSD box or insert a bridge+ FW
> inbetween. I am not sure How to connect Rad modem to a 10BaseT
> connection.
It's not completely clear from your diagram that you need a bridge
(as opposed to a router).  But assuming you need a bridge, you
put two ethernet nics in the machine (call them xl0 and xl1), and
        ifconfig xl0 up
        ifconfig xl1 up
        brconfig bridge0 add xl0 add xl0 up

The bridge will learn which machines appear on which interface, though
you may want to investigate the 'discover' and 'static' options of

You can also add IP filtering rules to xl0 and/or xl1 and perform your
IP filtering in the bridge itself.

--Jason Wright