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Re: Bridge

Quoting awc <awc@dryden.lakeheadu.ca>:

> Hi All!
> Can OpenBSD box use as a bridge??
> tks
> awc

OpenBSD can be used as a bridge.  See the man pages for
bridge and brconfig.  Have to say though I\'ve spent the
last two days trying to get a bridge working with less
then satisfactory results.  If you have a simple setup
it should be pretty easy to get going, just run brconfig
to add your interfaces.  Seems to get tricky when you
try to use it with ipfilter.  Perhaps I\'m just missing
something but it appears to not use the out rules for a
bridged interface at all(in rules still seem to take). 
Keep state also seems to get real flaky (sometimes works
fine, sometimes fails).  I was using a bridge between
interfaces with IPs on the same subnet, but different
segments(inserting a firewall with a DMZ behind a SDSL
router).  Perhaps that caused some of my problems? 
Anyway I\'ve put the bridge on the backburner untill I
have time to look at the source and maybe piece together
what it\'s doing.

Good Luck

Steven Stanfield
Scarecrow Technologies, Inc