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Re: login does unwanted DNS, boot floppy construction

Jon Schneider <jms@where2.co.uk> writes:

> >From enabling my own named with debug, I have found it is looking up
> kerberos-iv.udp.GREENPARK and kerberos-iv.tcp.GREENPARK that last bit being
> my realm.
> Even with entries in hosts and it seems to be doing DNS anyway. I know
> because (for example) a ping of those gets the address from hosts whereas
> loging in goes for DNS.
> Surely this is a bug or at just an annoying undocumented feature ? In libkrb ?
> If somebody could confirm it is libkrb I'll fix it myself (a better cure
> than running DNS which I wasn't going to).

I think it's a bug in in login or something that tries to do kerberos auth
when it shouldn't. Or maybe you want it to do kerberos auth?

The file you want to look into is /usr/src/kerberosIV/krb/resolve.c