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Re: Any installation guide?

it's right there. 
sorry if I added a .html accidentally, habit. ;)
also see daemonnews.org for other questions (this covers all bsd's, but
gives more/different info than the faq. 

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, Rafal Michalski wrote:

> Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 11:39:41 +0200 (MET DST)
> From: Rafal Michalski <rafal@nencki.gov.pl>
> To: misc@openbsd.org
> Subject: Any installation guide?
> I am new to OpenBSD.
> I gave up 2.5 installation when I realized that 
> it was not clear where the boot manager would be placed.
> I have small DOS at the very beginning of my hard drive,
> then 3GB NTFS, would like to have oBSD after all that.
> NT-Loader starts from the DOS partition.
> I'll be happy having oBSD booted by this.
> And, home and swap partitions will be on secondary slave,
> in Linux terms,
> 	/dev/hdd3   /home
> 	/dev/hdd4   swap
> Hope somebody sends me HOWTO.
> Rafal Michalski.

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