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RE: Any installation guide?

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Ok!!! :) Get ready...

	To osloader of NT manage make a prompt (menu) to load OpenBSD is
easy, follow the steps below:

	1) boot OpenBSD in single user mode
		at boot prompt "boot>" put boot -s
	2) when you get the system prompt make a copy of the first 512 bytes
of the root disk:
		dd if=/dev/wd0a of=/OpenBSD.bb bs=512 count=1
	3) mount a msdos disk and tranfer the file OpenBSD.bb to the disk.
	4) start WinNT
	5) copy the file OpenBSD.bb from floppy tho the C:\
	6) add the following entry (section operating systems]in your
boot.ini file (you must change the permission to save it)
		C:\OpenBSD.bb="OpenBSD 2.5"

	To test, reboot your machine :) Itīs work fine for me!!! :)

	Hmmmmm... can anyone put these instructions in a FAQ or an OpenBSD
standard HOW-TO??? the title can be: Integrating OpenBSD boot and NT

	I think consulting another sources of instructions can be "dirty"...
unnofficial. Maybe lost of identity!!!


			Mauricio Martins da Costa
			System Administrator - TELET S/A
			Porto Alegre - Brazil		

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>I am new to OpenBSD.
>I gave up 2.5 installation when I realized that
>it was not clear where the boot manager would be placed.
>I have small DOS at the very beginning of my hard drive,
>then 3GB NTFS, would like to have oBSD after all that.
>NT-Loader starts from the DOS partition.
>I'll be happy having oBSD booted by this.
>And, home and swap partitions will be on secondary slave,
>in Linux terms,
>        /dev/hdd3   /home
>        /dev/hdd4   swap
>Hope somebody sends me HOWTO.

I'm not sure I understand your question, but if you want to use the NT
loader to boot OpenBSD see:


Of course, substitute "OpenBSD" everwhere you see "FreeBSD".

Aaron Jackson
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