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Re: xdm on Amiga

You wrote (in your message from  7)
 > When I run xdm on the 2.5 Amiga port, the movement of my mouse for example is
 > only "refreshed" after I use my left Alt+Amiga key, I cant see no movement on
 > my mouse icon (or any other progress on X) unless I keep pressing these two
 > keys, is this some kind of misconfiguration or some bug? On the other side,
 > when I simply run xinit everything goes fine, mouse works, tasks run without
 > having to keep pressing these two keys, etc!
 > Does anyone have any info why this could be happening?
 > Am I missing something here?

>From other messages I've seen on the OpenBSD list, it looks like xdm
on Amiga doesn't work out of the box for some unknown reason. If
someone has xdm working on his amiga, please tell us. (And tell us
what kind of graphic board you're using, as it may have an

Unfortunatly I dont' have access to an Amiga, so I won't be able to
debug any problems with it. 

In the mean time, check that the arguments passed to 'X' in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm/Xservers match those used by xinit.