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Re: bandwidth measurement

Presuming one "outside" interface handling both Internet and
WAN, presuming that the CISCOs don't give separate stats (via
snmp) to each "destination".

Your main issue will be separating data.  MRTG and such simply
read netstats' output (or the same data) and counts packets
since the last read.

One hack might be to set up a second "outside" NIC with a
different IP and different (duh) ARP address (does OpenBSD allow
"ifconfig le2 ether 8:0:20:xx:yy:zz"?).  Then you have two
interfaces to read from.  One interface handles WAN traffic, one
handles Internet traffic.  Count each separately.

IPSec is easy this way as well (you measure the IPSec
'interface' separately.

Otherwise you have to figure out which packet is associated with
which usage. non-trivial at a quick glance.

Quoting Ryan Permeh (rrpermeh@rconnect.com):
> mrtg is a fantastic tool for graphing bandwidth utilization, if the
> stats can be gathered via snmp, someone has already hacked something to
> do it, so you can probably get it almost "out of the box" with mrtg.
> i think there is mrtg in the ports, but since i am not close to my obsd
> boxen, i'm not positive.
> shad0wlight@softhome.net wrote:
> >
> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > I am looking for recommendations for software that will allow
> > me to find out what percent of my frame connection is being
> > used for Intranet v/s Internet.
> >
> > Any recommendations?  We are using Cisco routers for the frame.