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Re: Support for mirrored pair as root disk?

I'm sort of a fan of Hardware RAID.  Computer sees a BIG disk,
and goes, per normal.

Makes TONS of sense when external RAID way outperforms soft RAID
and it's portable (CPU caught fire?  Move the disk to a duplicate
hardware and boot, HA is easy enough like this too).

For lower end RAID, I just don't know the prices.  It would SEEM that
some hardware type folks might figure out that that a 68030 (or ARM)
with a bunch of RAM, a ROM and a gang of (cheap) IDE drives and a SCSI
host interface might find a home in the sub-$2000 RAID section.  Put
the elevator algorithms on the ROM and don't worry too much about how
slow IDE is.

I've got a RAID box here that *sustains* 40MB/s reads and we're
getting 30+ for writes.  Wicked expensive, but when you need to

If only I could get *BSD on a 4-way alpha...


Quoting Dale Shaw (Dale.Shaw@select.com.au):
> Hi all,
> Is there any way I can establish a mirrored pair of disks for the
> operating system? A quick search of the archives doesn't turn up much
> in the way of RAID controller support so I guess my only option is ccd
> or RAIDframe?
> I asked Peter Galbavy early last month about using RAIDframe but I
> don't think that's a happenin' thing just yet.
> What are people doing for redundancy? I'd like to use a mirrored root
> disk + tape drive solution.
> cheers,
> Dale