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Re: Support for alternate authentication

~ Other than the basic goals of which we're already aware, what kinds of things
~ would you need to see in a design?  Are we looking at a new (and, therefore,
~ OpenBSD-specific) mechanism, or would you be content with a better-built
~ PAM-like mechanism?

I personally like PAM's "pluggable" modules, when you just write/compile
new pieces and ajust pam.conf file to get them working. No annoying
recompile procedure of whole library and stuff. Still there was idea of
using /etc/login.conf for all the things to keep BSD style. We definetely
need to figure out what sort of mechanism we would like to add to OpenBSD
before we start working on that indeed .. Also I'd like to know the other
people, who are interested in working on this expention, so we could form
some sort of group to work on it together. (I am not a great coder indeed,
but I think I could help here for sure, and imrove my coding skills while
working on this ;-))