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Re: Support for mirrored pair as root disk?

On Tue, Sep 07, 1999 at 12:25:52PM +1000, Dale Shaw wrote:
> Is there any way I can establish a mirrored pair of disks for the
> operating system? A quick search of the archives doesn't turn up much
> in the way of RAID controller support so I guess my only option is ccd
> or RAIDframe?

> I asked Peter Galbavy early last month about using RAIDframe but I
> don't think that's a happenin' thing just yet.
It is on my mental list, along with cathing up with the small number
of changes Greg Oster has made in the NetBSD code. I think that it
should be easy enough to mirror the root disk, as long as the raidctl
program is run before root is remounted. My main mental problem just
now is how to make the initial mirror in a safe way.

I am sure there is much more to it, and subtle gotchas, but as we have
just started a four week contract for a client, time is even more

> What are people doing for redundancy? I'd like to use a mirrored root
> disk + tape drive solution.

On this subject, but not directly related, I know some people build
CD-ROM's that boot up and install themselves in some controlled way,
with no user intervention. This would be useful as a customer support
tool where we could provide people with "fixed function" boxes (like
routers or firewalls), then send out uniquely-configured CD-ROMs for
their environment, which could also be used to restore in the event
of a crash. Any fo this inreal life, and/or have toold to help build
these ?

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd