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Re: PPP connection on a LAN

> This is a little bit OT.
> I'm trying to connect my home computer to the LAN of then company where
> I work via PPP. PPP server is a linux box running pppd 2.2.0f and both
> the modems are U.S.Robotics Faxmodem 56K.
> If I use windows95 on my computer it, apparently, works well and I can
> http, ftp, telnet without any problems.
> If I use OpenBSD 2.5 (i386), just after starting connection I get such a
> messages:
> Sep  5 21:08:28 pegaso pppd[4946]: pppd 2.3.5 started by root, uid 0
> Sep  5 21:08:51 pegaso pppd[4946]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/cua01
> Sep  5 21:08:52 pegaso /bsd: ppp0: bad fcs 5264
> Sep  5 21:08:55 pegaso /bsd: ppp0: bad fcs f96
> Sep  5 21:08:55 pegaso pppd[4946]: local  IP address
> Sep  5 21:08:55 pegaso pppd[4946]: remote IP address
> Sep  5 21:09:13 pegaso last message repeated 6 times
> Sep  5 21:09:15 pegaso /bsd: ppp0: bad fcs 9f33
> Sep  5 21:09:16 pegaso /bsd: ppp0: bad fcs f96
> ..

Sounds like your line isn't 8bit clean.  I don't know enough about 
pppd to tell you how to fix it, but I think it's something like 
``asyncmap 000a0000'' in your options file.  You may also want to 
try removing the ``crtscts'' or ensuring that your modem's got an 
AT&F1 (I think that's the USR string) to configure hardware flow 

In ppp(8) you can just ``set accmap 000a0000'' and maybe ``set 
crtscts off''.

> Thanks in advance,
> Marco.

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