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Re: ypserv core dump


Most of us on misc@openbsd.org really don't appreciate receiving core files
in our mail boxes.  All they do is waste an incredible amount of bandwidth.

Also, I guess you didn't realize that ypserv would, as a matter of course,
have portions of the maps it was serving in it's memory.  And now those
map portions, including many of your own encrypted passwords and usernames,
are sitting in many hundred of people's email boxes, just waiting for the
mildly curious to run strings(1) on the core file that you've so kindly
mailed to them.

I certainly hope none of your machines are directly connected to the

In message <Pine.BSF.3.96.990906172157.9249A-101000@mickey.willowglen.com.my>,
	Cindy Ding writes:
>I've been running OpenBSD on Pentium II 450MHz as our file server, as well
>as NIS server for about half year.  However, in the past couple of weeks,
>the YP server has been dropped a few core dumps, one of which I put in the
>Since YP server was not compiled with -g, gdb is not very helpful. I've
>just installed a ypserv with -g compiled, maybe I can get another core
>dump in a few days.
>I didn't change anything on the NIS server, except we have more and more
>LAN users. Is it possible that the YP server can not handle the load, or
>some limit is too small for a LAN of more than 20 users? A 20-user-LAN is
>quite a small one.  Is it a known bug, or I'm just the unlucky one.
>I'm running OpenBSD 2.5, but not current.  Thanks.

Jason Downs

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