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Re: login does unwanted DNS, boot floppy construction

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	so spake Jon Schneider (jms):

> * I have discovered that logging in does some sort of DNS lookup thus causes
> dial-on-demand to fire. According to tcpdump, the lookup is not a normal
> forward one ('cos tcpdump would print the name) but is aimed at my ISP's DNS
> server.
> I can see that it contains the text "kerberos-iv" though. What's up and can
> I stop it ?

You can probably avoid this by making the resolver look in the hosts
file before DNS.  In /etc/resolv.conf you want a line like:

lookup      file bind

And then verify that your hostname as well as localhost are listed
in /etc/hosts.

> * Are there instructions for how to (dis)assemble boot floppies. It seems to
> me that the standard installation floppy's bsd contains a filesystem. Can't
> see any pointers in the freebsd handbook either.

Yes, it is a filesystem, but it's not really useful since the only
thing on the filesystem are the boot blocks and the kernel.  The
*real* filesystem is in a ramdisk embedded into the kernel itself.
There currently are no tools for pulling the ramdisk image back out.

 - todd