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Re: current snapshot

You can ignore this message, nothing was fouled up, there's just some cruft
in /usr/include/machine that isn't present in the current snapshot..

On Sun, 5 Sep 1999 evan.cordes@umich.edu wrote:

 | In trying to upgrade with the current snapshot (9/3/99),
 | I get the following during d/l of base25.tar.gz:
 | tar: Unable to remove directory ./usr/include/machine <Directory not empty>
 | I'm now stuck in some inconsistent state, and am clawing my
 | way out of it, hopefully.  No fix for it, yet.  I probably just
 | have some screwy permissions, somewhere.
 | Just wanted to report it, in case others butted up against this
 | one, too.
 | Evan

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