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anoncvs problems

My attempts to contact one of the anoncvs servers to update the sources
from the 2.5 CDROM have come to the stage where I cannot think of anything
else to read or try. 
I've followed the directions in www.openbsd.org/anoncvs.html closely.
However, when I try to setup a pserver I get a "connection refused" with
the Belgian and Norwegian servers, as follows: 

# cvs login
(Logging in to anoncvs@anoncvs.no.openbsd.org)
CVS password: [I TYPE anoncvs]
cvs [login aborted]: connect to anoncvs.no.openbsd.org:2401 failed:
Connection refused

The Canadian server gives this:

# cvs login
(Logging in to anoncvs@anoncvs.ca.openbsd.org)
CVS password: [I TYPE anoncvs] 
Server configuration missing --allow-root in inetd.conf
cvs [login aborted]: authorization failed: server anoncvs.ca.openbsd.org
rejected access

As I am rather new, so to speak :-), to most of this, my error might be
anywhere. (Should I set --allow-root in my inetd.conf? I would think
not, but if so, where?) Any help therefore appreciated, with abusive
language if necessary.
I have checked this mailing list's archives, the question was asked once
before, but not answered, as far as I can see.
I did try the cvs login both as myself and as root. I have installed ssh,
did do ssh_keygen, as well as 

setenv CVS_RSH /usr/local/bin/ssh


Marc Schneiders