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bridge0 and routing problems

First off, apologies if I've missed anything man'd or FAQ'd, but I've
checked quite a bit and have not come up with a solution to my problem.

In preparation to using my Openbsd 2.5-current box as a firewall for a
personal LAN, I tried to set it up as a gateway to my DSL. I didn't
realize (woeful lack of practical experience setting up networks) that
what I really needed was a bridge (because I was not using NAT for my
lan addresses, and my gateway was on the same subnet).

Anyway, I set up the bridge device, and hand-hacked some routing, and
increased NMBCLUSTERS to 2048, but I'm still having a few problems.
Routing from the internet through the DSL to internal lan hosts works
just hunky-dory, however ping from internet hosts to the ip of the NIC
on the lanside occasionally doesn't work, as does a ping from the lan to
the ip of the dslside NIC. Sometimes I can set both cards up to alias
to the other ip, and things work fine for a while. Sometimes, things
work fine for a while without the cards being aliased. The odd thing is
that the setup can be working fine, and an hour later stop working, that
is I'll be unable once again to ping the lanside NIC from the internet
(which is the ip assigned to my DNS server, otherwise I probably
wouldn't care that much).

So, does anyone have any ideas why this might be failing intermittently,
and what I might do to correct it? Both card are 905B's, and I can send
routing tables/ifconfig's/brconfig's/arp tables if needed.

thanks in advance,