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Re: ctm-notice OpenBSD-cvs-x11.0029.gz


At last, I found it on ftp://ctm.se.OpenBSD.org/pub/ctm/OpenBSD/OpenBSD-cvs-x11
but it isn't yet neither on ctm.OpenBSD.org nor ctm.ca.OpenBSD.org ...

On 29-Aug-99 Hans-Guenter Weigand wrote:
>> OpenBSD-cvs-x11.0029.gz is 10711421 bytes.  The limit is 5000000 bytes.
>> You can retrieve this delta via ftpmail, or your good mate at the
>> university.
> OK, I'd like to retrieve it, but where is it?
> -hgw

E-Mail: Thierry Deval <TDeval@PrimeOBJ.COM>
Date: 04-Sep-99
Time: 01:30:03

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