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Questions from a potential user


Please bear with me if these are stupid questions: I've looked through
FAQs on the OpenBSD web site and didn't get very far.

I'm currently running a Linux based firewall at home. I've been advised
by many people more experienced than myself that I'd be safer running
OpenBSD, since I don't need the cutting edge features of Linux...

There are a few key points though that are making me hesitate. I'm hoping
someone can shed some light for me.

1: Does ipnat support things like FTP (not passive mode) and RealAudio?
It's a small network, but there are 10 machines that do want full internet
access (including online gaming)

2: Are there kernel options similar to the Linux 2.2 Equal Cost Multipath
Routing? My current setup has 1 internal interface and 2 external. There
are 2 default routes, and the kernel alternates between the external
interfaces. Socket 1 -> Interface A, Socket 2 -> Interface B

3: Is there cupport for Console on Serial Port. The firewall box has no
display adapter. It has a VT 420 terminal connected to /dev/ttyS0 (COM1).
The terminal comes up at the LILO: prompt (OS loader), so that I can pass
kernel parameters at boot time. This is a good tool for serious errors, as
I can boot it to single user mode easily without hooking up a video card

Thanks for the help, please reply privately unless it is felt that
responses would benefit the list.

Brian Anderson
      |  personal: bunicula@medioane.net    |
      |      work: bjanders@bbn.com         |