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IRQ conflict with Modem and SMC NIC

Hi.  I just recently installed OpenBSD.  I installed it through the
network on an SMC ISA network card.  I then installed a ISA 28.8 USR
modem.  Both decided to take IRQ 3.  To fix problems, I switched jumpers..
neither card would budge from IRQ 3.  I went into the BIOS to change
avalible IRQ's.. and still both wanted IRQ 3.  In this situation.. the
network would work, but not after the modem is initialized.  Then any
connection through the nic does not work.. but the modem is fine.

On kernel boot, when it locates the NIC it gives a msg that says
"Switching IRQ 9 to IRQ 3"... so it originally triest to get IRQ 9 it

Does anybody have any ideas?  On this NIC I have switches that say irq 3,
irq 10, and soft.  When I put it on irq 10, the kernel boots and gives a
mesg saying "ie1: NC100 soft configure not avalible" and when the jumper
is on SOFT nothing is recognized durring the kernel load.  With the modem,
no matter what irq jumper I put it on.. it defaults to 3.

Any help on this matter would be great.  My plan is to turn my Open box
into a router to route all my PC's in through the Open box for access to
my ppp internet account.


Gabe Kangas

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