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Re: OpenBSD Performance

yes, this decreases performance somehow, but that gives me as good 
results as systems with journalling fs have, when power fails. heh, i can 
tell you one story about kewl performing freebsd...

once (more that 2 years ago?) i compiled custom kernel under 2.2.6 and 
ocassionally power failed. well i got mad :-) after power restored i 
switched the box on with a hope. sure, it sad the fs are dirty and 
lunched fsck. the fsck found a heap of sh?t in /usr and (pay attention 
now) wiped several .h from /usr/include as well as a couple of master 
makefiles (i don't remember actually what these file were). hah! after 
that any kernel make stopped at once with complainings about Makefile. 
wanna have custom kernel? reinstall yer os!

you might say "hey boy, come one, yer loser and don't blame holy os", i'd 
answer you "i'm not the only one"! i know at least two people which had 
such symptoms, for one freebsd even didn't want to boot! and that happend 
a month ago! 

well, returning to openbsd i may say that for those ~2 years i use it i 
saw not less than a hundred power fails (my openbsd boxes never had an 
ups :-/), but no one of them caused something more that just "marking 
filesystem clean". 

what about overall performace, well, freebsd has better tuned vm, 
dynamically allocated io buffers, etc. but openbsd is in process of 
incorporation uvm from netbsd, which (according to its author's Chuck 
Cranor description) uses amazing new mechanimsm to reduce system load on 
almost all data transfers inside the kernel. with new pciide openbsd must 
rock badly. 


On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Jason wrote:
> Well, they might be slow because you are using them with sync io.  Man
> mount and you will see that obsd supports async io (which we all know is
> faster).  Easiest solution is to edit your /etc/rc and change 'mount -a -t
> nonfs' to 'mount -o async -a -t nonfs'.  That should make things faster.
> Jason Mishka
> On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Emre wrote:
> > Hello folks,
> > 
> > I have a question concerning hard disks:  Lots of people have told
> > me that a hard drive under OpenBSD is slower compared to one in FreeBSD.
> > Is this true?  I often get into "fights" with FreeBSD fanatics arguing
> > about stupid stuff like this, but it did make me curious.
> > I've been using OpenBSD since 2.3 and it always performed good for me.
> > I also tried FreeBSD 3.2 couple weeks ago, but couldn't see much
> > difference (I couldn't really tell if it was faster, even though many
> > people have said so).  So does anyone now if this "rumor" is true?
> > Cheers
> > 
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