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Motherboard etc. to build gateway/firewall

I want to build a small gateway/firewall using OpenBSD. It would be used as 
an automatic dial-up box.

I have in mind a motherboard with most things on-board, including:

* Serial port (common)
* FDD controller (common)
* IDE disk controller (common)
* Video controller (not so common)
* Ethernet controller (less common)

I want to find a small case to put it in. With these things on-board I don't 
need to have any cards in slots.

I also want a quiet box (few or no cooling fans) with low power consumption, 
so I don't need a 250W power supply. I'm used to thinking along x86 PC lines 
but am prepared to think outside that square. If it's a PC motherboard it 
must be able to boot without a keyboard attached.

One last thing: I need to be able to buy the parts in Australia.

Any suggestions?

Thanks advance,
Michael Strasser