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Support for alternate authentication


Though we understand that there are dangers, there are many of us out here who
need alternative authentication mechanisms for OpenBSD so that we can integrate
systems into existing environments.  For example, I'd like to include a few
OpenBSD systems into a back-end network which is primarily Cisco-based.  Logins
to the Cisco systems are all handled by TACACS, and I know that there is a
TACACS PAM module.  I'd really like to be able to use it.

A few folks have offered do do the porting work, but we'd like to have your
okay before anyone wastes time on work that may or may not be integrated into
the distribution.

So far, you've been mute on the subject.

Chris -)-----

Christopher R. Hertel -)-----                   University of Minnesota
crh@nts.umn.edu              Networking and Telecommunications Services