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Re: problems with sb-compatible on-board audio card (AcerPower 6000)

> While browsing source on the Web, I was excited to see that an entry for
> the on-board Audio Card in my AcerPower 6000 (ix86) had been added to
> src/sys/dev/isa/pnpdevs.  
> I did a cvs update on the source tree on my 2.4 box.  I compiled the
> kernel, no problem.  I rebooted.
> It detected the sound card and assigned it to the correct device, but I
> still get /dev/audio "not configured" errors when I tried to use the sound
> card.

I see:

sb1 at isapnp0 <On Board Audio Chip, CSC0100, , WSS/SB> port 0x534/4,0x388/4,0x220/16 irq 5 drq 1,0

It appears as if you have one of those WSS/SB combination things.
This is really a wss chip, not a sb chip.  It should work as an sb,
but I guess it doesn't.  It really wants to operate as a wss.

The right thing to do is to write a wss_isapnp.c stub, and then use
that instead.  That should work better.  You would of course tweak
pnpdevs to indicate that this card is a "wss" instead of a "sb", and
it will then use wss_isapnp.c for startup.

It shouldn't be that hard.  I don't have any of these devices, and I'm
already fighting with 3 other isapnp devices.