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problems with sb-compatible on-board audio card (AcerPower 6000)

While browsing source on the Web, I was excited to see that an entry for
the on-board Audio Card in my AcerPower 6000 (ix86) had been added to

I did a cvs update on the source tree on my 2.4 box.  I compiled the
kernel, no problem.  I rebooted.

It detected the sound card and assigned it to the correct device, but I
still get /dev/audio "not configured" errors when I tried to use the sound

As far as I can tell, there is no way to disable Plug 'n' Play in the
on-board sound card without disabling the card entirely.  (If anyone knows
differently, please let me know!)  So, manually configuring it is out...

I tried looking in the mailing list archives, DejaNews, and the man pages
for stuff about manually configuring audio on OpenBSD, but couldn't find

I tried downloading the OpenSound tools from www.opensound.com, but
apparently they're only for OpenBSD 2.3.  When I try to run oss-install, I

/usr/libexec/ld.so: oss-install: libc.so.18.0: No such file or directory

The OpenSound Web page repeatedly mentions OpenBSD 2.3, but never 2.4.

My kernel config file is at:

The results of dmesg are at:

Plug 'n' Play debugging is turned on, and it looks like the system message
buffer is filling up.  Thus, dmesg is losing some of the earlier stuff.  
So, I've put the relevant syslog entries at:


I'm not sure what to do at this point.  Would it be best to try to get
help from OpenSound?  Or should my audio card be functional without their