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Re: EGCS-1.1.1

I've found that for many things, the NetBSD stuff is close enough to
the OpenBSD config to get a good start.  Sometimes there are a couple
tweaks, but the kernel interfaces are so similiar that you are safe.

The differences between DigitalUnix (nee OSF/1) and BSD are numerous.
FreeBSD and Net/Open BSD started out on different tracks LONG long ago,
where NetBSD and OpenBSD only split fairly recently (post 4.4BSD Lite 2)


Quoting C S Hendrix (shendrix@escape.widomaker.com):
> In message <Pine.GSO.3.96.981230125122.8765B-100000@flora.cs.unibo.it>, Riccard
> o Veraldi writes:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > when I try to compile egcs-1.1.1 from the ports collectoin I got this
> > fatal error 
> > 
> > Configuration i386-unknown-openbsd2.4 not supported
> There are instructions on building configurations for an unknown OS.
> I have always started with a close one and went from there.
> On DEC UNIX 4 I use the DU3.2 configuration.  I assume you could
> use FreeBSD or NetBSD config for OpenBSD.
> I don't have the sources online so I can't remember offhand what
> files you need to tweak, but it should be in TFM.
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