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Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Artur Grabowski:
> Jon Ribbens <jon@oaktree.co.uk> writes:
> > Michael Shalayeff <mickey@lucifier.dial-up.user.akula.net> wrote:
> > > there is a UCD SNMP tool set in ports/net/ucd-snmp
> > 
> > I would recommend going straight to the official source from
> > http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/ucd-snmp/ . The OpenBSD port is very old.
> > The patch file in the OpenBSD port appears to have been integrated into
> > the main distribution nowadays, too.
> In the Makefile in every port there is a MAINTAINER field. It's easy
> to look at that field and mail the maintainer that the port is outdated,
> or even better mail him an updated port. sendbug should also work.
yeah, that's right!

> If people would spend one minute on doing sendbug, instead of swearing, when
> they find a bug, the world would be a better place.
i can tell you what would save the world --
if ppl would finally start testing diffs they have in their mailbox...
so, the bug reports turns into repository commits.


    paranoic mickey       (my employers have changed but, the name has remained)