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> Hello,
> I got this problem.
> I have my own lan at home with two computers one of these is a PC with
> OpenBSD 2.4
> Now this pc has address and my other pc with an other knid of
> unix has as address. THey are arbitrary addresses chosen by me
> for my small network. Now I want to be able to connect outside t othe
> internet from the OpenBSD PC using ppp with tun device.
> How I have to do ???
> my provider gave me the static address which is a
> terminal server with ppp capability and my gateway would be
> How I ahve to do to still being able to use my local LAN at home and at
> hte same time using my ppp connection  to the internet??
> can someone help me???
> thanks
> Rick

1.You can have a look at:

2. and  of course "man 8 ppp"