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Re: Dec Multia and OpenBSD 2.4

I actually have a Multia VX40B with Digital UNIX 4.0 and with this OS it
works fine. Do you have only these warning messages of PCI devices not
configured or also the system does not work at all??
I mean if you get only these messages but the ssytem works you do not have
to worry too much.
MYself using digital unix at boot time I have a lot of warning meessages
of pci addresses not found in pci otion table, but they are only warnings,
the system after boot works perfectly.


On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Nikolay Sturm wrote:

> Hi all!
> I just installed OpenBSD 2.4 on my Dec Multia but this time I had (and
> still have) some minor problems. First off the install scripts did not
> recognize my SCSI-Drives because /kern/msgbuf was full of this:
> vendor 0x200d product 0x00c2 (class prehistoric, unknown subclass 0xc2,
> rev 0x0d) at pci0 dev 15 function 7 not configured.
> The first set of lines (too much for the buffer) had vendor 0x200c and
> this goes from dev 1 to 15 and function 0 to 7. In between some of my
> hardware is found. So I had to work around this by editing /install.md.
> After the installation I compiled a custom kernel with all used pci
> devices "hardwired" (e.g ncr0 at pci0 ...). But these messages still
> appear during each boot (option PCIVERBOSE is NOT activated). Is there
> anything I can do to suppress those messages? 
> The second strange thing I found was an error message created by savecore:
> savecore: /bsd: kvm_dump_mkheader: invalid magic in cpu_hdr
> Any ideas?
> cheers,
> Nikolay
> PS: Please let me know wether these are bugs or just misconfigurations on
> my system, so I can issue a bugreport.