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Re: procfs

Julian said:
>Not really. Try ``zap'' in the ports.

That's not quite the same thing.  killall isn't interactive, to begin
with.  There's something that is just nice about killall -HUP inetd.

Michael said:
>i'm not a fan of killall, it looks like /var/run,awk,ps,etc enough for

On BSD/OS and OpenBSD, I do it with ps and awk.  On FreeBSD, killall
takes care of killing processes by name very cleanly.  Since the support
is there in OpenBSD to do it, I was just thinking it might be a nice
addition, that isn't too much of a bastardisation and does have useful

I suppose the major downside is that to use it, you need /proc, and
currently /proc is not mounted by default (though procfs is in the
generic kernel).

(I apologise to those who can't read the stupid charset Windows-1252,
but after repeated attempts elsewhere to try to get help to make Outlook
generate a real charset header, I have given up.  If anyone knows how to
do it, please let me know.)