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Re: sparc boot

OpenBSD is already installed.  The machine has no cdrom so I copied the
files to my i386 machine and used the floppy24.fs to do an ftp install
internally.  After halting it returns 
Boot Device: /sbus/esp@0,800000/sd@3,0    File and args:
The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.


On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Andrew Swisher wrote:

> Jeff Weber wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> >         I just purchased a Sparc IPX and am having a little bit of trouble
> > getting it to boot.  Im not to familiar with sparc hardware. I have my
> > primary disk set on scsi id3(it came like that).  After reading through
> > the help it looks like I just need to type boot disk bsd, but this returns
> > a file does not appear to be executable message.  Im sure im making a
> > stupid mistake somewhere but any help is appreciated.
> > 
> > Jeff
> Hi,
> I have a Sparc IPX running 2.3.....some things I had to do (that were in the documentation):
> at the OK prompt:
> OK setenv sunmon-compat? FALSE
> OK setenv security-mode  NONE
> OK reset
> OK boot cdrom bsd
> ...the install went like a champ.
> and yes, scsi id 0 = sun id 3, and vice-versa....but I thought the sunmon-compat? flag fixed that (I'll have to go back
> through the documentation again)
> Anyways, I haven't had any problems with my IPX, and I can honestly say that OpenBSD is faster that Solaris :-)
> cheers,
> A