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Re: Installing OBSD(5th time)

Hello Erik,

> the first IDE drive(primary master) on the first partition(2GB) there is
> WIn95. THis is the bootable partition. THe second partition on this
> disk(1.5GB) is where I want to install OBSD. The primary slave is the ATAPI
> CD-ROM. THe secondary master is a 1 GIG Ide. This vas slackware linux on it.

I don't know if you have already done this. But you may try to put both disks on the primary IDE controller, and let your CDROM alone onthe secondary.
If you still want to reserve a controller for each disk, I though advise you to put your CDROM as the last device amongst the IDE devices.
I remember having some troubles (even under Win95) when the ATAPI CDROM sits between disks (however, don't know why). This is especially true on a 486...

Hope it could solve the detection problem (and the hd's attribution).


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