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Re: Building 2.4 from cd source

Even better, do a: 

# cd /usr/src/etc && make DESTDIR=/ distrib-dirs

before you build.

(Incidently, I updated my compiling & upgrading mini-faq to reflect this) see http://www.codetalker.com/greenbox/docs/compile-24-minifaq.html

>> Yesterday I bought the OpenBSD 2.4 cd and copied the source tree into
>> /usr/src (instructions from the web page).  Then I built a new kernel,
>> rebooted, made a couple of directories (/var/named and
>> /usr/include/ssl) and did a 'make build' in /usr/src.

Have a look at the instructions in Q4 of the mini-faq. They're a bit more detailed than what is in the